What is the difference between a home theatre and home cinema?

Your home theatre, also called a media room, is designed to bring an exceptional viewing experience to your home. Plan to enjoy blockbuster movies like never before. And there’s so much more!

You might have heard both terms and probably you think both are kind of the same. On this post we will explain you the difference between home theatre and home cinema. Ready?

Home Theatre

Home theatres, called sometimes media room too, are designed to provide an amazing experience to your home. Movies, football matches, the Olympics, your favourite TV show with your friends… A home theatre has these characteristics.

  • It serves as a place to watch movies and TV as well as listen to music. This space is , most of the times your living room, family room, man’s or woman’s cave…
  • Home theatres are designed to bring an heightened visual experience to your home as well as you enjoy sports, events, movies, TV shows, concerts, opera…
  • The home theatre consist very often of a large television, a flat-panel TV, video or a projector with video screen, a multi-channel, surround-sound speaker system, high-definition AV receiver, a DVD or Blu-Ray player.
  • If we talk about technology the home theatre would include a video display, speakers located through the room, fancy seats, even with motion-activated chairs, lighting fixture to support the audio-visuals.

Home Cinema

Home Cinema is a room that is dedicated only to a superb audio and video experience. That is the main difference with a home theatre. And they do have these features:

  • They don’t double as a living room, family room or den.
  • They are designed using a highly detailed process to provide the best experience within your space.
  • Home cinema incorporates sound suppression and acoustical treatments to achieve correct and natural sound.
  • They would include a projector and large screen, comfortable seats that can even be motorized to “feel” the movie, acoustic design and premium products for balanced audio, locating speakers for accurate playback of multi-channel soundtracks, environmental controls such as temperature, lighting, shading, noise-isolating construction techniques.

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