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What is a custom home cinema installation? - A custom home cinema installation involves physically integrating the equipment with your home. more

What are the benefits of a custom home cinema installation? - Aside from the obvious benefit of having a hassle-free home cinema installation, we as custom installers can also optimise the home theatre system for you. more

What are the costs of a custom home cinema installation? - The cost of home cinema installation varies with the amount of work involved. But what you have to ask yourself is whether the outlay is worth the peace of mind of knowing that you have got the very best home cinema installation for your money. more

How do I choose between Plasma, LCD or LED? - For your home cinema installation, plasma screens are the most cost effective way of achieving a very good quality 42" picture from a display you can mount on the wall more

What is the difference between Progressive and Interlaced Scanning? - If you are going to install a home theatre, or any other audio visual equipment, you may have heard the terms 720i, 720p, 1080i or 1080p. Simply put, the ‘i’ stands for Interlace scanning and the ‘p’ for Progressive scanning more

What is Flat Screen Plasma Technology? - Flat panel plasma display is the latest display technology and the best way to achieve displays with excellent image quality and large, flat screen sizes that are easily viewable in any environment more

What home theatre products does Ampliphonic AV recommend for home cinema installation? - Home Theatre products that we recommend and regularly install for home cinema installation include Pioneer, Denon, B&W, JAMO, Dali, Rotel, Marantz, Vanco and more more

an image of a home theatre system installation
Home Theatre systems normally comprises of a DVD or Blue Ray player, Plasma, LED or LCD TV, an amplifier and speakers. The basics of Audio and Visual has... read more
an image of a sound system installation
A Stereo application normally comprises of a CD Player or HDCD player, Turn table (analogue), Pre and Power Amplifiers, Cabling and speakers... read more
an image of a sound system sound proofing installation
Have a look through the Ampliphonic photo gallery at some of the audio and visual products and customer installations we have done... read more
an image of a home theatre installation
Everything you need to know about custom home cinema technology and installations explained in our frequently asked questions.
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