Cambridge Audio – Topaz SR10 v2 – Stereo Receiver


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The SR10 boasts 85 watts of power, a built-in phono stage for connecting record players with Moving Magnet cartridges, a front panel 3.5mm input for iPod/MP3 players, built-in FM/AM radio with RDS and 30 presets and four analogue inputs for connecting all your music, AV and audio sources.

Features & specifications

  • Power Output: 85W RMS into 8 Ohms (2-channels driven)
  • Inputs/Outputs: 1x CD RCA input, 1x Tuner/DAB RCA input, 1x MP3/AUX RCA input, 1x MP3/AUX 3.5mm input (front panel), 1x BD/DVD RCA input, 1x Phono RCA input for Moving Magnet cartridges, 1x Rec Out RCA output, 1x Subwoofer output, 1x Headphone output
  • Max. Power Consumption: 500 Watts
  • Radio Function: FM/AM (EU and US bands), 30 presets Radio Data System (RDS) for FM Stations
Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 43 × 34 × 11 cm


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