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Following the trend of compact, stylish products delivering remarkable performance, the FAZON SUB  sets out to impress music- and movie lovers. Although small in size the FAZON SUB is among the highest performing ultra compact subwoofers in the market. With dimensions of only 255 x 230 x 255 mm FAZON SUB is the most compact subwoofer ever built by DALI.

Features & specifications

  • 6½” long-stroke, down-firing woofer mounted in a closed cabinet for natural bass reproduction and perfect acoustic coupling to the room.
  • The acoustics of the FAZON SUB have been developed with a sonic balance delivering great performance on music as well as movies.
  • Applying only subtle equalization ensures ultra low signal delay, effectively putting this compact subwoofer in a class of its own: – Fast bass means perfect timing with the sound coming from the speakers. The FAZON SUB 1 integrates well with any type of speakers. – Due to the superior time response of the FAZON SUB 1 the benefits of adding this subwoofer will be immediately appreciated by the consumer.
  • Soft, absorbent high-grip rubber feet eliminate transmission of residual resonance to surfaces such as wooden floors.
  • Controls for setting gain (volume), absolute polarity (phase), and upper cut-off frequency.
  • Low power consumption. Auto power off – automatic switching to energy saving idle mode (below 1 Watt) when sound is off.
  • Optimized for corner positioning. Great Sonic Performance With a careful balance between signal equalization and time response that allows a well-defined and tight bass that follows the signal, the new FAZON SUB offers musical and natural bass performance. Despite it’s small appearance it will easily match the performance of a larger subwoofer.
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