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You may have heard of flat speakers, but have you listened to them? None has the detailed full-range performance or the design heritage of a Monitor Audio SoundFrame speaker. To create the phenomenal SoundFrame range our engineers found a way to build our famously natural sound quality into an ultra-slender cabinet, just 87mm (3.5″) deep.

The cabinet fits absolutely flush to the wall, while connecting cables run through a wall cavity and connect via the through-hole front terminal connection.  This creates a seamless wire-free look with unique installation convenience.

SoundFrame 1 adopts the aspect ratio of a typical picture frame and is designed for music and film sound applications in front left/right and surround locations.  The intrinsic flexibility of the pivoting IDC driver module means that SoundFrame models will keep their brilliant sound at any angle according to room design.

Match the cabinet to room décor by choosing from exquisite high gloss white or black lacquered frames, or by applying your own colour to a ready primed frame. Or, for even more precise coordination, choose from our exclusive range of coloured or printed grille cloth designs.  With such a versatile choice of frame and colour options available, the SoundFrame models are designed to blend perfectly with any interior and precision engineered to replace your old speakers with the most discreet high-performance music and movie system you’ve ever seen or heard.

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